Monday, April 30, 2007


I can't turn left!

From the people that brought you Dead Cow Wave, in our continueing efforts to find small, out of the way features that are user friendly and easy to learn on bring you ZOOLANDER. A small ledge hole just outside of Idahna, Or on Hwy 22.

The Skinny:

Zoolander is a small, righty carthweel and spin spot on the Bruno Mt. run on the North Santiam. Otherwise know for its play at higher flows, this run should keep all but the pickiest big feature fanatics at bay. This also means never a line up. As the name implies, its a right carthweel ONLY spot. There is a retentive and deep enough pocket on the surfers right but anyone who attempts a lefty will be rewarded with a sound THUMP and probably flush upside down. Vertical right to left splits are easy enough though. Its also pretty friendly for side surfing and spinning. The eddy is a bit flushy out the back so a quick roll is handy to avoid hiking.

One more thing... Just like Zoolander the movie, this hole may not be worth a special trip. If you are already out that way I highly recommend a stop. If you are serioulsy cartwheel challenged, this is a really great spot to dial in your edge control and body position. Improvent here will be immedialty rewared with more ends and more retentive rides.

Where is it/When is it:

I've been out to it between about 1000 and 1300. I expect the range is a bit wider than that too.

To get there, head East on 22 past Detroit. Once through Idahna, look for some green metal buildings on the south side of the road. Just past these, where the guard rail starts, is a turn out. Hike up river from there and put in just upsteam of the speed limit sign.

If you are doing the run, look for a Triangular rock in the middle of the river about 1/2 mile past Cooper Ridge Rd bridge. The hole is on river right.

Have a great time, let me know how it goes.

-Blue Haired Freak.

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