Monday, May 7, 2007

Cinco de Mayo on the Lochsa!

What happens when you combine getting a few hundred of your closest friends together on a really fun river, on Cinco De Mayo no less? Nothing short of a good time at the


Enough of a draw to even get me to Idaho from Western Oregon, with a few stops on the way.
I left C-town Wednesday morning and went over the hill for a quick Meadowcamp run with CR and got on the road in time for a brilliant sunset a quick, frosty overnight roadside in Oregon and a couple days in Riggins (the Salmon was too high for anything good sadly)

I don't recommend taking photos while driving but it can be cool

Roadside Self Portrait in Idaho

Once I got to the Lochsa and met up with Montana paddlers and friends the good times really began. As a first timer to the Lochsa and the Rendezvous, I can say its a big river (to me) and the peoples hearts are just as big. There is very little as awesome and that many paddlers in once place all doing something they love and there to have a good time. Paddlers from all over and at all skill levels meeting for the first time act like old friends. The Montana crowd is
no exception and among those I had met before and those I met there, I am happy to call all of them friends.

A few friends in the eddy above Pipeline

I was even lucky enough to witness the latest in Whitewater Performance Craft: The SuperCaravelle (sans optional Canopy and Floor Boards) on its maiden voyage from the Fish Creek put-in to Pipeline. Missoula paddlers Ben and Ira piloted this surprisingly worthy craft with only 5 swims between them despite backing down into Lochsa Falls and Pipeline.

Lochsa Falls!

See some more photos of the day here!

Of course the day on the river was followed up by a huge party at the Lochsa Lodge, lots of stories were made and probably forgotten, a few thousand in cheap beer was drunk, along with at least one bottle of JD in the back of a trailer. I am sure you can imagine the rest.

A parting shot

A big thanks to the Missoula paddlers, those who I know and those I just met for letting me tag along, for showing me down Fish Creek and the Lochsa. I had a great time and can't wait to do it again!

-Blue Haired Freak

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