Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Spencers Hole Rodeo: Results

Last Saturday a mass of paddlers descended on Gates Oregon the likes of which no home town, grass roots kayaking even has ever seen before. Paddlers came in from as near as two block, to as far away as the deep south. Car laden with brightly colored plastic fairly clogged the roadway all morning. Boats of all shapes and sizes from open canoes, Perception Mirages and Dancers, recreational kayaks, to new school creekers and playboats. The rides were amazing with the best ride of the day being a non-stop 45 second mobius tumble. A move previously though impossible, starting with a right to left split and ending with a clean air back-loop making one full vertical rotation through every axis and dimension in space-time. For those of you working on this move, the crux is forming a time space distortion that allows you to keep your body rotation ahead of your boat. For those of you working on your vertical hole moves, you know how important this it.

Elvis “The King” showed up in his Pink “Cadillac” Space Cadet and despite the slightly aging design, threw an amazing double/triple donk-loop (Double end over end rotation with three full twists). It was a sight to behold. It’s amazing what these older paddlers can still accomplish. Remember, finesse and experience will beat power every time!

The Mass Start race was a sight to behold… neither photos nor words could possible do it justice.

All in all, you just had to be there. Really.

Actually almost nobody showed up.

I blame last minute notice.

To those that did show up, swag was given in thanks.

A few of us are hoping to get something a little more organized together a bit later in the summer.

I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

Would anybody interested if it was 90 and there was no water anywhere else?


Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Spencers Hole Rodeo!

** Update: Date for event is 6/20/2009 **

Official and last minute notice for the first (that I know of) Spencer’s Hole Rodeo.


How: Multiple divisions, classes and lots of swag! Everybody has a chance to win and its totally free!!

When: 11:00 AM (Registration)

12:00 Comp Start

Where: Gates, Oregon

Meeting and Registration at the Gates Park and Ride here:


As access is VERY limited


We will meet at the park and ride and walk or boat to the feature

How: Multiple divisions, classes and lots of Swag: Everybody has a chance to win and its totally free!!

Access is tight and we really don’t want to step on anyone’s toes out there.


Thanks to Jana Krause and World Kayak for providing the resources.

Hope to see you out there.