Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Best Laid Plans

CK exhibiting good dental hygiene at the put in of Canyon Cr.

The plan was simple: Two days, 4 rivers. A little playboating on the North Santiam, up into Washing to pick some lines through on Canyon Cr Washington for the extreme race in a week. Next day, Little While and Green Truss. Seemed simple. Day one went ok, Bruno Mt was at about 1000cfs. There's some fun play out there at that flow including a righty cartwheel spot. Up to Canyon Cr where the lack of water was a bit disappointing, but expected. Low water clean lines are the key to doing well in the race.

CK at Thrasher

Me at Thrasher, skying the rock boof.


Kahuna= autoboof fun so I decided to plug

Day two: Our third, and shuttle, couldn't make it but set us up with his roommate and local paddler Jason who was kind enough to run shuttle for the price of a Hamms. We put on the Little White and I started hacking up the lines: missing boofs, catching edges in Getting Busy. Nerves built on nerves and Island came up soon. As we were scouting I noticed my boat full of water and after emptying it out saw the 5" crack across the bottom. I know I'm not the first to break a boat out there I know. On my first trip down, three people hiked off because of broken boats. I followed suit while Chris decided to finish out the run solo. I guess it went great for him and I did alot of second guessing my decision on the 2.5 hour hike upstream. After staring at a map later, I realized there was a road just up hill on the left. Damn.

After a while at the put in, Chris showed up with the van and we drove back into HR to stop at the Shed on our way out of town. A kind of anticlimactic and slow end to my first Little White Hike.


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