Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Grand Return

Hey All-

I'm back from the Grand, had a great trip with the other 14 people along. The 41K flood was pretty cool though we were kind of bummed to miss House Rock entirely since it was completley washed out. I took over 1400 photos and am still working on getting those sorted and edited so you can all be sure to have a treat in a short time. I got back into Oregon on Monday, was on Neil's Point on Tuesday and back behind a desk on Wednesday (BOO).

Right now my back is sore from boofing Big Brother in my new favorite boat, the Riot Nitro, and I've got some photos to muck with. Can't wait to see ya'll out on the river when all this crazy spring snow decides to do the right thing and melt nice and slowly!



Sunday, March 2, 2008

Grand Canyon Bound

Yep, I'm heading to the Canyon today. I'll be back in about a month and hopefully then I'll have lots of new photos to post. That is, if I make it back from the flood.

EJ (blue haired once again)