Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rock Cr

Saturday Feb 28, 2009:

It finally started to rain.. early in the week.. then it stopped and all that stuff we had watched come in, went out just as fast but Saturday... Thing is, we were left with a sense of optimism and thought to ourselves, "Screw the Wind, lets try for Rock Cr!"


Only, there was a lot of snow on the road, and not much water in the creek. We started out day like any good Oregon February run: by hiking a mile or so, dragging out boats through the snow.


When we got to Heaven and Hell, we found there was wood at the bottom of Hell, though with the flow, the drop looks very doable. Mike L and Michael W were the only folks who were feeling like tangling with it that day, and Mike L is the only person to run it. Turns out that wood was more in play then he thought and after a quick rescue, everyone else seal launched in and we were on our way downstream.


The level as low, the company was good and after a more then brief look at 3-Swim falls, we finished up and grabbed some pizza on the way home.

Its always good to get on a new creek in the area though.

More Photos from the weekend:

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