Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Youngest-ever descent of the Green Truss

WonderMidget Strikes again

As far as anyone knows, WonderMidget, Devin Morton, is the youngest person to ever run the Truss at 12 years old.

Devin at Bobs

I had been planning a trip get get a couple Truss newbies down in Late July when Devin's Dad, Corey asked if they could tag along. "Of COURSE," I replied, hoping for a huge group. We quickly enlisted a bunch of people to put in with us: Nate Herbeck, James Bagley, Kyle Kovalik, Will Robens, Will's friend Will, Brett Barton, Kris Litz, Devin, Corey, Myself, Michael Williams, Rick Cooley, and Jason Schroeder. Interestingly, we started with 13 and ended with 10... The world may never know.

Anyway, back to the little dude... and the rest of the crew. I love bashing down the Truss with a huge group, low water especially. If I can't have water, I might as well sucker a bunch other others with me so I am not the only idiot out there right? Well as all the rest of the idiots would agree, it was a great run. No where near the expected carnage, only one swimmer; only two people didn't run Big Brother. (not bad for a trip where out of 13 only 5 had done the run before! After a quick scout at Bobs, and a huck session at Big Brother, we all fired off Double without scouting, even the Midget, who flipped and rolled between the drops and gutted #2.

Everybody had great lines in Upper Zig Zag, especially Devin, who floated calmly behind his dad, watching him get worked!

Nobody in the newbies group fired off BZ, but it will be there for a long time.
Check out Devin's blog for a short vid and some more about the little dude.

Devin at Double, by Rick Cooley

Kris Litz fires up Big Brother on her first time down

Kyle Kovalik on his first time over Bobs

Rick Cooley, another first timer on Big Brother

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