Thursday, June 12, 2008

WKCC Safety Weekend 2008

The Willamette Canoe and Kayak Club holds and annual weekend of safety classes taught by volunteers to their peers. This year the event was more popular than ever and extremely well organized by Sandra Uesugi. She also led the morning warm up exercises and cooked most of the food, which was excellent.

Land classes included knots, throw bag technique, packing for overnights and extended trips, mechanical advantage including z-drag, escaping vertical pins and entrapment rope rescue. Wet classes were shallow water crossing, swimming rapids, strainer swimming, wet throw bag practice and rescue practice.

I hung out for the free food, good company and to take photos to document the whole thing, not necessarily in that order.

Just a few photos are show below.
All the photos from the weekend: here

Sandra made cupcake and blue icing for all the volunteers! Accompanying kayak benders made for a fun and educational snack. The bender on the right is demonstrating the Oregon Tuck, the left, old school waterfall techinique.

Sandra and Cate warming up

Lindsey about to swim over a strainer

The worst injury of the weekend. What happens when one person has a rope on one really big guy!

Mandatory group shot, Keith demonstrates the running man!

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