Sunday, February 10, 2008

January Butte Creek

Jan 13, Butte Cr is a small creek near Scotts Mills. Its mostly Class 2-3 but sometime it drops over twisty steep ledgy drops that end in stompy holes. Its kind of schizophrenic but in playboats it can be pretty fun! Three of us, Mike L, James B and I went out hoping to huck Upper Butte Creek Falls: a 30ish foot river wide falls you can see here but sadly, we got snowed out and just headed back down stream. I like to be short on the words and long on the photos so here goes! Thanks to Mike for the photos, check him out at




MLP_080113_4359 (1).jpg





Nick said...

Just a question. Aren't all waterfalls technically riverwide? I mean afterall, all the water in the river is falling over it. Lets get on the LWS when it warms up a bit so you can show me the lines.

chrsk said...

Yeah there it is! Let's go hit it up again and get some redemption on that upper falls and maybe take a little peek at the middle...