Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September Upper Upper !?!

Just when the NW is at its Dryest...

Chris G started talking about the Upper Upper again. We must have been desperate or something but it was actually really fun! The guage read a little under 400cfs on Saturday and on Sunday seemed a bit lower but all the lines are the same, there aren't too many F-U rocks and even at Behemoth the line is pretty much the same but with some interesting results.
I also had a chance to paddle the Riot Thunder with my new IR Drydeck. The Thunder, is a sporty boat and the Drydeck is super dry and comfy too.

photos by Rick Cooley.

Yep, that me backwards!

Kris dropping in

Chris G and the Super BOOF


Anonymous said...

Upper Upper what?

EJ said...

The Upper Upper Cispus of Course! ;-)
Its just about the latest running Class V creek we have in the Northwest US. I believe its fed by Mt Adams glaciers in Washington near Randle.

Anonymous said...

Creeking in a drydeck is STUPID!!!! you can get pinned up on logs and or rocks and not be able to exit the kayak if your spray skirt was to get snagged, its one of the golden rules of creeking NO DRYDECKS..sick looking run though